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The Fine Arts program at Junction City High School offers a variety of courses designed to develop students' artistic skills and creativity. The program focuses on providing students with opportunities to explore various forms of art, including visual art, music, and theater.

Specifically, the Fine Arts program may offer courses such as:

1. Visual Art: This course teaches students various techniques in drawing, painting, sculpting, and other forms of visual art, allowing them to develop their own artistic style and vision.

2. Music: This course may cover a range of topics, from music theory and history to instrumental or vocal performance, allowing students to develop their musical skills and appreciation.

3. Theatre: This course provides students with opportunities to participate in theatre productions, including acting, directing, stage design, and production.

Through the Fine Arts program, students have the opportunity to develop their creativity, express themselves artistically, and gain a deeper appreciation for the arts. The program also provides opportunities for students to showcase their work through exhibits, performances, and other public events.