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The English Language Arts department at Junction City High School is responsible for teaching and promoting English language skills among students. This department typically offers a variety of courses aimed at developing students' reading, writing, and critical thinking skills.

Specifically, the English Language department at Junction City High School may offer courses such as:

1. English Language Arts: This course is designed to help students develop proficiency in reading, writing, speaking, and listening while using the study of literary works, including novels, poems, and plays, with an emphasis on developing critical analysis skills.

2. Language and Composition: This course focuses on developing students' writing skills, including the use of effective writing techniques, grammar, and vocabulary.

3. Advanced Placement (AP) English Literature and Composition: This course is designed for high-achieving students and aims to develop advanced skills in rhetorical analysis, argumentation, and synthesis.

Overall, the English Language department at Junction City High School aims to provide students with the language skills necessary for success in college, careers, and everyday life.