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Communication courses in high school typically aim to develop students' skills in various forms of communication, including verbal, nonverbal, written, and visual. These courses may be offered as part of English, language, or media studies programs or as standalone courses.

1. Public speaking: This course focuses on developing students' ability to speak confidently and effectively in front of an audience, whether in formal presentations or informal conversations.

2. Debate: This course teaches students the art of persuasive argumentation, including research, reasoning, and rhetorical techniques.

3. Journalism: This course focuses on developing students' skills in researching, reporting, and writing news stories and other forms of journalistic writing.

4. Business Communication: This course focuses on skills employers are looking for in the business world and everyday life, skills such as proper etiquette, customer service, leadership, and, most importantly, effective communication in the workplace.

Overall, communication courses in high school aim to help students develop the communication skills necessary for success in college, careers, and everyday life.