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One goal of the career academy structure is to provide students with opportunities to explore their college and career-related interests in one of three career clusters within our academy: Performing Arts, Education and Training, Human Services, Arts, A/V Technology, and Communications.Within these clusters, students participate in field trips, job site visits, in-school training sessions, and college visits. In addition, students can hear from career professionals in the fields of study they plan to pursue, and they can get on-the-job training by participating in a job shadow or internship experience. With hope, students will leave our campus better prepared to enter the post-secondary world!

Ruth Stephenson, Academy Assistant Principal
Email: [email protected]
Samatha Boxberger, Academy Leader
Email: [email protected]
Mr. Dan Kirkpatrick , Academy Counselor
Email: [email protected]
Ms. Amber McKinney, Academy Secretary
Email: [email protected]


Welcome to the Fine Arts and Human Services Academy

The Fine Arts and Human Services Academy (FAHS) serves three hundred and fifty students interested in one of the four content based career clusters offered at JCHS.  Students identify one of the clusters:

Performing Arts

During the day, students have the opportunity to learn more about their field interest in a variety of ways:  field trips, speakers, interest surveys, and research.  FAHS students also have the opportunity to participate in job shadowing, internships, and career specific field experiences.

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