Social Emotional Character Development Standards

We believe in the importance of developing students who are knowledgeable in the content areas and also have the attributes to be successful learners. The Social Emotional Character Development standards are behaviors that lead to one’s success as a student. It is important that we communicate this information to parents about where their child performs in each of these areas. By monitoring where students are in the learning process of these traits, we are able to help them improve in these areas to grow in order to be both college or career ready.

Throughout the year, teachers will be reporting to parents and students on how a student is demonstrating their abilities on the Social Emotional Character Development standards. Each of the six standards have been defined through a 4, 3, 2, 1 scale to show specifically what is expected in each area. A student is considered proficient at a level 3. Whereas a level 4 is demonstrating an ability that surpasses the standard or expectation.